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International Engineering for Vehicles & Equipment Co. Ltd. (IEVECO)

IEVECO is an innovative and dynamic company that is growing rapidly and expanding quickly. We serve the Kingdom region with state-of-the-art equipment of heavy duty trucks and their equipment, ensuring exceptional service. The quality of service is determined by our top-of-the-line repair and maintenance facilities as well as field service capabilities. Our extensive range of equipment offers a wide spectrum of customers in the construction and transportation fields.

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How We Started?

The journey we started in 2007 was not easy and comfortable. We faced number of problems and challenges. The region where we operate was full of competitors, and there was little space to enter heavy duty trucks and equipment industry. With the help of motivated and dedicated employees, we convert these problems and challenges into our strengths. We are thankful to our dealers for showing courage to have confidence in IEVECO. We always strive not to let our dealers and our clients because at the center of IEVECO, customers and dealer lie.

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To be the leading best-in-class in selling and maintenance Services to Trucks & Heavy Equipments Our Profile

Top Reasons to Choose IEVECO

We are the exclusive agents of Beiben Trucks which is the famous top-class heavy duty trucks manufactured in China under the license of Germany Benz Heavy-Duty Trucks Technology.

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