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Company Profile

International Engineering for Vehicles & Equipments Co. Ltd. (IEVECO)

IEVECO is an innovative and dynamic company that is growing rapidly and expanding quickly. We serve the Kingdom region with state-of-the-art equipment of heavy duty trucks and their equipment, ensuring exceptional service. The quality of service is determined by our top-of-the-line repair and maintenance facilities as well as field service capabilities. Our extensive range of equipment offers a wide spectrum of customers in the construction and transportation fields.

We have shown the remarkable customer care, and we take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations when it comes to offering products and genuine spares at competitive prices. The 24x7 availability of our customers and providing repair and maintenance services by manufacturer trained, certified and dedicated staff along with an honest approach, and an astute understanding of the fine lines of the business made us acquire a large base of returning customers, as well as a number of new referrals.

Today, we are ready to embrace new opportunities and take the business to new heights that will benefit not only IEVECO, but the entire base of customer and industry at large. IEVECO is a leading brand that specializes in the management, sales and servicing of heavy duty construction equipment in the three main areas: Central, Western & Eastern Provinces, and K.S.A.

How We Started?

The journey we started in 2007 was not easy and comfortable. We faced number of problems and challenges. The region where we operate was full of competitors, and there was little space to enter heavy duty trucks and equipment industry. With the help of motivated and dedicated employees, we convert these problems and challenges into our strengths. We are thankful to our dealers for showing courage to have confidence in IEVECO. We always strive not to let our dealers and our clients because at the center of IEVECO, customers and dealer lie.

In 2007, International engineering for vehicle and equipment co. Ltd (IEVECO) was founded as an exclusive agent of Beiben Trucks, Youngman Heavy-Duty Trucks, Weichia Power Co. Ltd.IEVECO started its operation in order to maintain and sell these heavy trucks and their heavy equipment in the area.Beiben trucks are manufactured in china, and these machines are known by their top class heavy duty trucks.Beiben manufactures trucks under the license of Benz Heavy Duty Trucks of Germany. In china, Youngman heavy duty trucks operates as a partner of German counterpart.

The outstanding features of Youngman trucks are their unmatched performance, high torque, good dynamic performance, high power and high level of reliability on them. Not only this, comfortable designs and most advanced technology make these machines the luxurious trucks of the globe.We are proud to work with weichai power co. Ltd that manufacture and sell diesel engines. The production encompasses a wide variety of construction machines, heavy duty vehicles, vessels and power generators and coaches.

Beiben trucks

Beiben trucks are famous for manufacturing top class trucks all over the globe. The company offers service trucks ranging from 8 to 25 metric tons load.Beibentractors can lift the weight ranging 30 to 60 metric tons of loads. Some of the main products of beiben are dump trucks, skip loaders, cement mixers, heavy duty trucks, vacuum trucks and water tank trucks.Beiben trucks have various types of vehicle depending on the horse power engine ranging from 240 HPS to 480 HPS. We can also manufacture trucks according to the specific needs of customers depending upon their various horsepower engine requirements.
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Yutong Heavy Industries

In China, Yutong Heavy Industry is regarded as the manufacturing pioneer of motor scrapers. Yutong Heavy Industries has formed eight well-distinguished product categories and in total it has more than 60 varieties of products. These products include scrapping and transport machinery, piling machinery, special vehicle, engineering crank, concrete machinery, environmental sanitation machinery and military engineering machinery. Yutongheavy industry has developed particular expertise to manufacture military related heavy trucks and equipment. As far as its overseas dealers are concerned, Yutong's business results in a win-win situation. Yutong works with its overseas dealer in a cooperative way so that the system of services and product become perfect.Yutong heavy industries assists its costumer to enjoy the maximum level of profitability and provide them wonderful business experience.


Zoomlion has achieved a distinctive position in the market, and it is regarded mostly engaged in research and development of heavy trucks.Zoomlion manufactures technologically advanced trucks and equipment mostly for key infrastructure projects, which includes energy engineering projects, construction engineering projects, transportation engineering projects and environmental energy projects.Zoomlion enjoys the remarkable global respect in developing construction machinery, and it is ranked top 7th global construction machinery.Zoomlion has the broad range of products with 13 different product categories and 86 product series. It offers more than 800 product varieties. Hoisting machinery and Concrete machinery are two distinct business segments which both are ranked as the second in the world.
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Youngman trucks

The outstanding features of Youngman trucks are their high power performance, good dynamic performance, high-level torque, great reliability and top level designs of luxury and comfort. The trucks of Youngman are well equipped with MAN Diesel engine, and they comply environmental protection requirements of EURO-III and EURO-IV. Product design of Youngman trucks are technologically advance, and their formation of front and rear axles provides truck drivers with an extra feature stuck in the traffic. Their reasonable design offers drivers much width due to powerful bearing capacity of rear axles. High torque is always appreciated by the drivers of heavy truck because it allows driver to have a control over the machine in different circumstances, and it adapts road conditions effectively. Youngman trucks are well known for having great level of torque.Youngman has variety of products and it main product line comprises of transport mixer, tipper, tractors and special car chassis, etc. Youngman trucks are available for customer in varying number of models like 4x2, 6x2, 8x4, etc.
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Top Reasons to Choose IEVECO

We are the exclusive agents of Beiben Trucks which is the famous top-class heavy duty trucks manufactured in China under the license of Germany Benz Heavy-Duty Trucks Technology.

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