“Core Power” Engines for medium and heavy trucks



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“Core Power” Enginesfor medium and heavy trucks

  • Weichai Power is a world-leading, whole-series and whole-application engine supplier, as well as the largest one. It is the leader company in heavy trucks engine market.
  • Weichai Power also has the most complete rangeof products, including heavy truck engines, medium-heavy truck engines, medium truck engines and light truck engines.
  • The heavy truck enginesinclude WP10 and WP12 series, covering the power range of 270-570Ps;
  • The medium-heavy truck enginesinclude WP6 and WP7 series,covering the power range of 180-300Ps;
  • The medium truck engines include WP4 series, covering the ower range of 135-165Ps;
  • The light truckengines include WP2, WP3 and WP4 series, covering the power range of 50-150Ps.
  • EGR products of “Core Power” engines for medium and heavy trucks

Four advantages of WP4, WP6, WP7 EGR products

  1. Strong power
    • Low-speed torque is much higher than other engines with same power.Start fast with excellent acceleration performance.
    • Maximum torque is higher than the other engines with same power.Excellent climbing and overloading ability.
  2. High reliability
    • The adoption of German technology, world’s best casting equipment (same casting line as Weichai Power’s 10L and 12L heavy-duty truck engines), German-imported processing, assembling and testing equipmentswill ensure the commonality of the engines.
    • The best supply chain in the heavy-duty truck engine industry (same supply system as Weichai Power’s 10L and 12L heavy-duty truck engines) will ensure the reliability of the engine parts.
    • Best vehicle application, which adopts low speed engines (rated speed is 2300r/min) will significantly reducethe vehicle and engine failure rate.
  3. Good economical performance
    • Golden Powertrain
    • Weichai Power has the only national commercial vehicle powertrain assembly engineering technology research center in China.
    • Weichai “Core Power” engine + Fast transmission = golden powertrain withmore fuel-efficient performance.
  4. Great comfort
    • The rated speed of Weichai “Core Power” engineis 2300 r/min with low noise and low vibration.
    • The four-cylinder Weichai “Core Power”engines have unique biaxial balancing mechanism that will effectively reduce engine body vibration and reduce noises.
    • The noise of Weichai “Core Power” engines are 2 db less than similar domestic engines.
    • Common-rail products of “Core Power” engines for medium and heavy trucks
    • The WP7 common-rail engine is jointly developed by Weichai Power, AVL, BOSCH and other world’s best automotive suppliers. It is the full integration of world’s cutting-edge diesel engine technology nowadays and is the high-end engine for heavy trucks.
    • Adoptingthe most advanced high-pressure common-rail fuel system from Bosch, the emission parameters, economic indicators and noise indicators of WP7 series are all better than similar products in the world, thus makes it currently the world’s most advanced.