WP12 series of land use gas turbines



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Widely used in coal mines, oil fields, wineries, sewage treatment plants, agricultural biogas power generation.

  • has a good technical performance indicators
  • the economy is good, cost-effective
  • safety and environmental protection, pollution
  • advanced ECU speed control mode
Specification Data
Rated power 200kW
Rated voltage 400V
The rated speed / rated frequency 1500rpm/50Hz
Rated power factor 0.8 (lagging)
Rated current 360.8A
Number of Cylinders / Bore / Stroke 6/126mm/155mm
Displacement 11.596L
Cooling Closed radiator fan forced cooling
The start-up mode DC24V electric motor
Number of phases and connection Three-phase four-wire, star connection
Excitation / Regulator Brushless / AVR automatically
Diesel economic gas consumption economy ≤ 216g/kW · h
Oil consumption ≤ 1.1g/kW · h