WP4 series marine emergency diesel generators



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Widely used in inland and coastal waters, offshore market carriers, fishing boats, official boats, ships and other projects.

  • has a good technical performance indicators
  • compact, high power per liter
  • DC24V DC insulation systems
  • fully meet the requirements of the “steel marine vessel construction norms”, “steel ship classification rules”, GB13032 “marine diesel generator sets, etc.
Specification Data
Rated power 64kW
Rated voltage 400V
The rated speed / rated frequency 1500rpm/50Hz
Rated power factor 0.8 (lagging)
Rated current 115.5A
Number of Cylinders / Bore / Stroke 4/105mm/130mm
Displacement 4.5L
Cooling Closed radiator fan forced cooling
The start-up mode DC24V electric motor and air motor (spring motors)
Number of phases and connection Three-phase four-wire, star connection
Excitation / Regulator Brushless / AVR automatically
Diesel economic gas consumption economy ≤ 200g/kW · h
Oil consumption ≤ 1.1g/kW · h