Customer Services

The focus of our customer services is to provide all possible solutions to their needs and requirements. Customer satisfaction is the prime objective of our customer services. To achieve this, we have divided customer services into four primary units so that each unit may receive proper resources and attention. These are:

SALES: Quality like No Other

IEVECO has the rich heritage and commitment of providing ensured and best customer services. We deliver them with utmost regards and sincerity so that we can win the hearts of our clients. IEVECO has earned the name for quality and reliability, provided that all our new products are sold with comprehensive product support. We offer an extensive line of Chinese construction equipment and heavy-duty, with a wide choice of models at competitive prices. Furthermore, our knowledgeable and dedicated Sales Staff are always available to respond to your queries. We work 24x7x365. It is our dedication and commitment that has made us one of the largest and the best-equipped company in the KSA. We assure that the transportation and construction needs of our client must be fulfilled wherever they go within the region of KSA.

SERVICE: We Are There When You Need US

We believe that it is our prime responsibility to be there when our clients need our assistance, and we make sure that our global presence increases day by day.Our motto of business is very simple; to provide a complete range of products and services under one roof, and we have left no stone unturned to provide the best customer services during last five years. As far as, maintenance and repair of the trucks and machines is concerned, we feel proud to have the largest fleet of specialized workshop trained professional, and they provide their assistance in the field of mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and other related engineering fields. Best-trained workshop professionals need state of the art technology with an extensive range of specialized tools and equipment.IEVECO providesthem the most sophisticated testing facilities, diagnostic and service information tools and completes their all workshop requirement so that no one has any excuse for low-level customer care. Our workshop staff maintains the standard and follows the instructions and guidelines provided by manufacturers. These instructions are very comprehensive and include reusability method and other service related updates. This allows our clients to have the best quality services and allows us to give them with time period guarantees, which require the continuous monitoring and evaluation of vehicles by our product support team. We have set the highest standard of customer services, and it simply does not end here. We provide staff training to our clients and offer them with genuine spare parts. This ensures that the optimal maintenance of the vehicle is achieved, and it also results in minimizing the unnecessary down time.

SPARES: The Things That Sometime Matter the Most

IEVECO provides its clients all and one stop solution, and it has maintained the extensive level of stock and inventory of genuine spares at very competitive price. Inventory includes fast moving items, along with engine, electrical, hydraulic spares and undercarriage components. We believe product support is a key to our business success. Easily available product support minimizes machinesdown time, thereby reducing cost and time of our clients. We have invested a significant part of our capital in spare and inventory management only for the convenience of our clients. Because we believe that our clients are like family members, and they need to get the required level of care and treatment. We offer various spare part services to our clients, and it also includes evaluation of machines by our Support Staff. The process of service evaluation is very simple, and our professional staff primarily analyzes your requests and then identifies the best possible solution that can satisfy your immediate need. Spares are then provided instantly but if the problem is big and the required material and spares is unavailable, then some other arrangements are made.Whatever the size or the specification a spare part has, we sure its delivery within 24 to 72 hours. This happens very occasionally, and most of the clients are provided instant spare part services.

SOLUTIONS: A Partner, With You All The Way

We have different market approach and our clients like it. It has earned great respect and appreciation. Unlike the competitors, we treat our customers like our partners. IEVECO understands their needs and respond them accordingly. IEVECO respects customer's values, believes and their customized needs. Simply providing vehicles and machines to customer is not we do, we provide them a solution to their problems. Every customer has different requirements, and we strive to fulfill these requirements by offering a wide range of products.We add suggestions and specific requirements of our valued customer to manufacture their customized vehicles.
Consequently, we take great care in identifying the appropriate transportation and construction equipment requirements for each project, and we offer exclusive rental services in case of a longer than usual delivery time. Additionally, we assist our customers to providefinancing and leasing options through close collaboration with banks and finance houses if they qualify the terms and conditions. And most importantly, we offer an enviable end-to-end contract to our customers– from making sales to delivering the machines.

The Head of the Operations

Our head office is located in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We encourage our customers to visit our head office anytime, and we are available to them 24 hours of seven days. Head Office P.O. Box 14517 Dammam 31434, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel.: +966 13 859 9343 Fax: +966 13 810 0195 Email:

Range of Products

IEVECO operates as an agent of worlds famous brands of heavy equipment. It is the prime objective of IEVECO to sell and provide maintenance and repair services for giant machines.

Top Reasons to Choose IEVECO

We are the exclusive agents of Beiben Trucks which is the famous top-class heavy duty trucks manufactured in China under the license of Germany Benz Heavy-Duty Trucks Technology.

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